Free souls in the world

Here you will meet different people but they have one thing in common: the almalibre.
Use the hashtag  #proyectoalmalibre if you consider yourself one of them.


Sabrina del Campo

Freedom is...
the most important thing in my life. Freedom to choose, free to go where you want ... to climb a mountain, dive into the sea, to discover the world, people, music and nature.
What makes me happy is to discover a small part of Brazilian culture as a bowl of cold acai in the hot streets of valencia, or drink a refreshing watermelon juice, açaí, ginger and flax seed after running in the Park.

Favorite Açaí Bowl :
I am different with condensed milk, paçoca and strawberries.



Rosangela Sinato

Happines is...
find your favorite food in the city you have chosen to live.
Passionate about sports, music, nature and healthy food. Rosangela, leading Brazil since 2007 out of his land found in the Almalibre a space to "matar a saudade", relax and enjoy.

Favorite Açaí Bowl:
The runner.



Ricardo Vilardi

Free to enjoy...
all colors, shapes and nature.
This Brazilian designer takes little time in Valencia but as an amateur by finding us açaí ended by a nice coincidence: Carlos, the founding partner is his friend from high school but had more than 15 years if contact. No shortage of reasons to celebrate with a big bowl.

Favorite Açaí Bowl:
Algarve Surfer with strawberries, Everest climber and a few more combinations.